• Proven Pilot in K-12 School System
  • Currently engaged with multiple school districts
  • Over 24k classes conducted on the system
  • Over 2000 instructors
  • Community includes over 220 Countries
  • LMT is a solution to the underfunded ESSA law passed in 2015 for school districts across the country specifically those states and school districts that want to comply but do not have the required funding for significant increase in resources


  I've enjoyed Live Music tutor so far! As someone who does online courses at home, it is also nice to learn how to play an instrument at home. The ability to switch the tutor out is nice, and there are many teachers to choose from. I look forward to doing more lessons.

Madison C.


 We used Ms. Claire in two of our lesson. I loved the lessons that we had with her because they really did help us, and she made the lessons so much fun. I enjoyed the online lessons because everybody teachers differently and it is a good idea to meet new people. I am glad my school teacher chose Ms. Claire because she was super fun and awesome!

Naila C.


 I love Live Music Tutor. I love that it is so helpful for my skills and that the instructors are so nice. I hope it continues to inspire everyone who joins it. I have gotten so much better since the beginning of the year.

Max M.


My experience with Live Music Tutor has been fantastic! When you go in there an work with the tutors, they don’t judge you. They are there to help you! They give us tips, help us as a class, and make us better players. I hope the program continues because it has been a big help to our class.

Amber S.


 My experience with Live Music Tutor was very successful. The website was very fun to use and it helped me a lot. I used this website three times for master classes and the tutor suggested a lot of things like correcting our bow hold, placing our fingers were in the correct position, and if our wrists were down. Both tutors were very nice and helpful. I really enjoyed Live Music Tutor because it is a very helpful and very fun website to use.

Steffi J.


  Live Music Tutor was an experience that I will never forget because I got very important tips that will help me to become a better violinist. The tutor that I got for the one on one lesson helped my sound quality. She also helped me with holding the bow correctly. She helped me play with the 4th finger and made it sound a lot better. The online tutor really helped me become a better violinist.

Jasmine L.


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